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Aurora Garage door repair is locally operated and certified service. Expert members are selected on the basis of their capabilities. They are competent and able to repair the commercially installed and residential parking space doors of all kinds. We have ground-breaking and top quality products to provide substitute against the damaged part.

Type of Services

Aurora Garage Door Repair provides different types of services in and around Aurora. Whatever is your problem, inform us through a phone call and let the experts to replace or repair the damaged parts at budget oriented rates. Here is the description of some of our services to get benefit from:

Garage Door Spring Replacement

It is duty of Garage Door Repair Aurora company to change the extension and torsion springs for one piece curtain gate, rolling steel, commercial sectional, residential entryway and industrial parking space entryway. It is a fact that springs must be repaired or installed by the certified members.

Springs are of different sizes and perform the basic job by lifting and balancing the weight of egress. The time period of springs depends on routine use and quality. In most of the cases, springs get expired when they complete the life span of 10,000 cycles. It is the time to purchase new spring and replace the old one. If you do not know much about spring life cycle, here is the guideline to check the lifetime of your parking lot entryway springs:

  • Door gets opened twice a day = 14 years lifetime of spring
  • Storage egress is used four times = life span is 7 years
  • Opens six times on daily basis = should be changed after 5 years
  • If used eight times a day = life period is 3 years

Services for Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Repair Aurora IL is efficient in repairing the openers, motor of openers, limit switches, circuit boards, drive trains, trolleys and belts. In some cases, only the adjustment of opener is required to make the openers functional. It is our area of expertise to repair the openers of different gate like Wayne Dalton, Chamberlain, Overhead Exitdoor, Genie and Lift Master etc. Whenever you find any problem in the entry, contact us for thorough inspection to search out the cause.

Benefits To Higher Aurora Garage Door Repair Services

Panel Replacement

Due to excessive use, the panels start breaking and need to be repaired properly. Rough weather conditions are also one of the major reasons to damage the panels. If the panels are out of order and you are still trying to use them; it is unsafe and hazardous. Additionally, the damaged panels effect on the entry alignment. Instead of increasing the expenses, nip the evil from the bud.

Installation and Repair of Cables

In order to move the storage entry smoothly, cables play the basic role. The cables are fixed with a drum and bear the weight of barn entry to keep it in balancing position. Whenever the garage egress is opened or closed, the cables are responsible to hold the overall weight. Cables are effective as well as the dangerous component of carport gate which must be handled by the technicians of Garage Door Repair.

Hinge & Door Roller Repair Work

Do you need professional service to the hinges or rollers of your barn opening? Garage Door Repair Aurora IL company is dependable and competent to install or maintain the rollers properly. The job is complicated and risky therefore let the risky work be performed by well-trained staff. We have different kinds of rollers and hinges to match with your carport opening. In case of emergency garage door repair, we are liable to come anytime without checking the weather condition or time. In case, you want to set schedule for the installation or repairing task, it is possible to select time which suits you.

Replacement of Weather Seal

Garage gate are made up of durable material to bear the effects of severe weather conditions. Routine wear and tear as well the weather damage the stripping. Basically stripping keeps the barn entryway safe from the attack of pests and effects of snow, sunlight and rain. After completing the time period, the weather stripping starts damaging and cannot protect the opening from freezing temperature and burning heat. Hire Aurora Garage Door Repair to replace the weather seal with guaranteed material.






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